The Fiery Divine – an artist’s expression

When the dance and the dancer come together in an inseparable embrace, there is a door that opens the possibility to experience ‘natya yoga’.

An awakening of what lies otherwise dormant or not discovered yet, that which allows one to experience a oneness with something bigger than the self. There is a sudden leap in the dance and in the experience of the dancer as she transcends her physical self. When the dancer surrenders to the dance, there is an awakening of the self and the divine is invoked to descend onto the pedestal of what one holds as supreme. Even the onlooker is invited into this space of oneness and exuberance.

  She dances her way to the beyond,
In gold and red all donned.
Like a lamp that offers itself to the flame,
Is the grace of her serene frame.
She is the ecstatic feminine,
A vibrant expression of the fiery Divine.
The dialogue of five elements,
Is the mastery of her elegance.
With palms conjoined a deep ecstasy felt,
And a harmony most profound spelt,
When all that is and not is set aflame,
A brilliant golden fire but proclaims,
And dancing in the podium of the dark,
The Divine Feminine makes the mark.
Delusion of the myth and real all ashen,
By the bounty of wild compassion.
What is life and that is beyond is no more a duality,
Her existence now speaks the language of totality.
What is left is only 'The DANCE'!
Of the beyond;the ecstatic reign,
Of the exuberant Divine Feminine…

Artwork by Ritesh Pillai
Poem by Neethu Chandra
Listed Under Topics Kala

Author: Ritesh Pillai

Ritesh describes himself as an aspiring artist still figuring out and defining his own style. He is heavily inspired by anime, Japanese and Indian culture. Most of his work is a celebration of life, right from mundane elements of day to day living to the mystical and spiritual possibility that life brings.

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