Birth of Adishakti

Adishakti – the source of all energy, a new beginning, and an inspiration to us to start this initiative. Here is a poetical representation of the birthing of creation.

Beat of the damaru
Echoing in my ears
A spell of the eternal sleep now broken
A leap in time to be taken

Riding the spiral wave
Across the tranquil seas
At the conjunction of infinity
I set the trident free.

Birthing universes
every life born of me
the seeker and the skeptic
Like salt into the vast sea.

I live,
In the abyss of eternity
In the silence of a sage
In the wail of an infant
In the pit of your being
Coiled as a serpent
Waiting to rise…

I am the roar of this creation
I am the Adishakti!

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