Balance your 2020 : A guide to start this new year

As we step into a new decade, find inspiration & some ways to embrace the feminine while you decide on a list of new resolutions. 

Wow! It’s another year ahead of us, a chance to become more aware, make resolutions and consciously change something about ourselves. Common new year resolutions are to lose weight, stop drinking, stop smoking, exercise more, work harder, work less, achieve pre-set goals, excel in what we do and so on. Most of these resolutions are either about starting, ending or doing something. As we reflect on these resolutions, we cannot help but notice that if we bring a harmonious balance between the masculine & feminine aspects within us, a lot of these desires, goals and resolutions would resolve and settle themselves. 

Balancing masculine & feminine aspects is not about adhering to culturally or socially acceptable gender roles i.e. Male & Female. Instead, it is about honouring and recognising the masculine & feminine aspects within each one of us. We all have our own unique balance of both these aspects.This has been described in various cultures as Yin & Yang, Shakti & Shiva, Sun & Moon and so on. 

Feminine is intuitive, nurturing, reflective, creative, flowing, communicative, resourceful, compassionate, and stillness. Masculine on the other hand, is always expressed in an outward fashion in actually getting things done. In an ideal world, the feminine aspects would allow us to know what to do, while the masculine aspects would allow us to know how to act. 

It is this blending of feminine and masculine aspects that allows us to see and feel what we want out of our lives and then manifest those desires into reality. If we ignore the feminine, and overly rely on the masculine to push through the to-do list, then one may find that not only do we give up on our resolutions and intentions more easily, but that we get really exhausted in the process of trying to achieve them. If we nurture the feminine, we will see how we start re-evaluating our intentions and desires. We also learn how to set boundaries, reflect and slow down when necessary. We learn how to be more compassionate towards our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. While we enrich our outer lives, we find room for expression and creative endeavours.

Hence, it is time we reconnect with the feminine within, and we can all start doing this in a way that feels right to each one of us.  Here are some ways to embrace the feminine while we decide on a list of new year resolutions. 

  • Celebrate and communicate as these are two windows to experience the peak of feminine inclusiveness
  • Find time to pursue or engage in creative endeavours like art, music, poetry and dance
  • Bring balance and focus on the inner wellbeing through yoga and meditation.
  • Tap into your intuition to make decisions
  • Re-evaluate your food habits by being more conscious about what you eat and drink
  • Reduce indulgence or an excess, instead focus on enhancing the quality of life

Yes, it’s a New Year but every day is a new day too, and let’s not lose sight of that. If you are not keen on making new year resolutions now, you can still nurture, express and experience your life in meaningful ways. Bring about a balance between the masculine and feminine aspects in your life, one step at a time, one day at a time.

We at Adishakti have so much to look forward to in 2020 & cannot wait to share it with you! So Happy New Year, everyone. Let the feminine blossom in you.

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