Sadhaka Ramprasad Sen

SHE was all pervading, the length and breadth of Sadhak Ramprasad Sen’s life. An accountant by profession, so devoted was he that even the account ledgers were filled by songs of love and longing for the mighty Goddess, Shyama (Kali).

He sang to the mighty Goddess, the ever compassionate one, “I am your son. I kept calling ‘Maa, Maa’, but Maa, your eyes didn’t see and your ears didn’t hear. Can any other misfortune matter when a son suffers like an orphan with his mother still there?.”

One day as if his longing was being heard, the Mother came to him in one of the million ways She reaches to the devout.  But Ramprasad was so absorbed in his daily routine of offering his prayers that he didn’t recognise Her.

The Mother disguised as an ordinary woman said, ” Kind Sir, Please sing me some of your songs to the Mother.” Ramprasad replied, “Maa, I am getting late for my prayer. I shall complete my daily worship and sing to you.”When he returned, she was not there and the same day in his meditativeness, not knowing whether it was a vision or a waking dream, he heard the Mother’s voice .

The divine voice uttered, ” I am Annapurna from Varanasi and came here to listen to your songs. But you leave me disappointed.” Ramprasad felt restless and sad, lamenting how he couldn’t sing for the Mother. He left for Varanasi soon because his longing to see a glimpse of Maa and sing for her left him choiceless. On the way he halted for some rest at the banks of the river Ganga. The divine voice reverberated yet again,

Devotion is all pervading; to see the divine in every creation, to bow down with no sense of self.

“Stay here and sing for me. Varanasi is not the only place where I live, I pervade the whole universe.” So he sang and continued to do so until one day the music merged with the divine and so did he.

Ramprasad says,

 You'll find Mother In any house.
Do I dare say it in public?
She is Bhairavi with Shiva,
Durga with Her children,
Sita with Lakshmana.
She's mother, daughter, wife, sister—
Every woman close to you.
What more can Ramprasad say?
You work the rest out from these hints.

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