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Morning chant: Karadarshanam Shloka by Saee Tembhekar

Recite this powerful shloka in the morning to connect with the universal force ‘Adishakti’ within you and kickstart your day

All of us irrespective of our gender, have Adishakti or the Divine Feminine energy within us. Shakti represents the creative and dynamic force in the universe. The same energy or the force is within each one of us too. Invoking the divine feminine when we wake up, can energize our entire day. Sleeping causes a certain amount of inertia in our body and by creating certain sounds and vibrations as soon as we wake up, this can be handled. Reciting a mantra or a chant that motivates us may provide just the right jumpstart for the day.

Karadarshanam is a morning shloka that can make you feel energised throughout the day. Read more about the significance of morning rituals here. Here is a rendition by Saee Tembhekar.

Do listen and try reciting this morning Shakti chant as soon as you wake up. Let us know your experience in comments or write to us at connect@adishakti.com

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Author: Saee Tembhekar

Saee Tembhekar is a vocalist from Pune, India who has been practicing music for over 20 years. Saee had her first public performance at the age of 6 years when she sang a “bhajan” in front of a big audience, leaving them amazed.She started learning Hindustani Classical music at a very young age. Over the course of time, Saee grew as a versatile singer, bagging numerous awards at the state and national level. Music to her has been like a “close friend, who understands your mood, listens to you and makes you feel happy always. Music has led me towards simplicity in life.”

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