Devi you are

  Lamp is lit in the wee hours of a noon
And I ponder
Full moon, New moon or no Moon,
You spread the fragrance of the moon around me
And lit the light of love inside me

Red and Copper, a shine that gleams
Fiery expression, a face that beams
The radiance that radiates through your face
Pours right into me through grace

With the flicker of the flame
You show me life and death in one breath…
Silent and still, air seems to be absent
Being devoid of me, you show me how to be present
Devi! You sparkled the wholeness inside me

You break the silence
To the wild throb of my left!
And just let me be
In moments seeming there is
nothing between u and me

Those moments needed no language
Those moments needed no words

The beauty of what it was
left me with gleamy eyes

Devi, you are
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Author: Neetu Chandra

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