The Red balance

Our bodies were created from Mother Nature and we as human beings are to live in harmony with the rest of the creation around us. However today, our bodies are going out of sync with the ecosystem we live in due to various lifestyle changes. This has led to physiological changes and many a time hormonal imbalances especially in women. Often the solution to the problem can also be found in nature only if we are ready to actually look for it.

When we were bound by such a dilemma, we checked with a local Naatu Marundu Vaidyar ( Local tribal medicine practitioner) about the severity of such issues in the society and our own personal struggles. He gave an eye opening insight into how many of us despite having good levels of hemoglobin have poor quality of blood which may be an underlying cause to such disparity. ‘Eat everything red’ , that is what the Vaidyar mentioned and it also reminded us of the how the color red has been a symbolism of wellness and vibrance in Indian culture. Even the Goddesses are offered fruits, flowers and even blood – and the code is red.Come to think of it, blood is red and nature has already provided us with the cure in the form of vegetables and fruits like Beetroot, Apple, Pomegranate, Carrot, Amaranthus which are commonly found. 

From our consultation and experiments we bring to you a series of recipes and solutions to cater to such imbalances. One of our favourites is the Red juice. Let us see how to make this concoction.


1 medium sized apple
1 medium beetroot 
1 Pomegranate
½ inch ginger


1. Depending on the quality of the apples you procure, you may keep the outer peel or remove it, pull out the seeds and then slice them lengthwise.  
2. Peel the beetroot and cut them into small cubes comfortable.
3. Score the Pomegranate into 4 sections and breakout apart to remove the arils. 
4. Peel the ginger and cut or grate it out so it blends well. 
5. Add all the above (along with small quantity of water if needed for easy blending) to the juicer.
6. Pour the juice through a strainer, then onto a glass and immediately consume it. 

Tips : As an alternative you may add few mint leaves or lemon juice. It is best to consume this juice, the first thing in the morning  in an empty stomach condition after your daily Yoga or regular exercise routine. 

Feeling low or pale, this Red juice can boost your immune system and get your body cells cheering! Do try this and share with us how you feel about it?

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