Shift with the shift this spring – 11 things to do without leaving home

Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be. In these challenging times cultivate your inner garden and make use of this time to the fullest by doing a few things consciously!

The season that is a harbinger of prosperity, harvest, continuity of life and blossoms is with us now. Spring has come! With the ongoing pandemic, these are testing times when we are all isolated/quarantined/concerned, but it is a good time to cultivate the inner garden of our lives. It is a time to honour spring and mother nature in the midst of chaos and pain. Simply isolating  and reducing our carbon footprint is a great way to celebrate. We can shift our focus to turning inwards.

Tap into that feminine space of ‘ just being’ and ‘feeling’, a space which admits the chaos but looks forward to the brighter sunshine.

It may be a difficult time for us but nature is going through a process of celebration and rejuvenation. Even if most of us are unable to witness the glory of spring spreading its wings, we can still keep the spirit of spring alive. Collectively and individually these times are calling upon us to make that shift. Where is the work to be done, if one may ask. It is of course, within us, our hearts and our intuition. During these challenging times we can do a few things consciously and blossom like the spring blooms.

11 things to do without leaving home
  • Create a ‘go to’ meditation space at home : One can add colors, lighting or keep it rustic, subtle or plain. 
  • Start / Bond with the garden : We can use the time to start a little green cover at home, both indoors and outdoors, or get the garden into shape. Make use of available space to grow herbs,microgreens, vegetables or flowering plants. 
  • Spend quality family time : If there are children at home(even adults), we can transform the evening into story writing/storytelling/art/poetry sessions or give them ideas, script or characters to enact a play.
  • Cooking time is family time : Cooking together gives families a time to share, bond and work together. Even young children can be assigned activities to make it into a celebration.
  • Light up the dark : Light lamps/candles/fairy lights and listen to or play some favourite musical notes, especially instrumental (piano, drums, classical indian, flute etc) and relax into the moment.
  • Find time for expression :  Let life be an expression finding its way through art, poetry, dance and music. Learn a new skill, new language or engage in do-it-yourself (DIY) activities. make use of online workshops or get a friend to teach us the same online.
  • Take up a home project : Clean, declutter, organize and improve the living space. Make it a lively space which we would like to go back to, day after day. 
  • Add wellness to your routine : Nurture the body by doing yoga, meditating, practicing breathwork or stretching. We can try sticking to a routine to some extent; doing sadhana or spiritual practices, getting dressed, eating a well balanced diet, and getting enough sleep. 
  • Nature journaling at home: This is a great way to know and appreciate plants, flowers, fruits and creatures that live with us in the immediate surroundings.
  • Connect with friends/family virtually : Help put each other’s fears at ease. We can have meaningful conversations and still not talk too much about the ongoing pandemic. 
  • Connect with the Shakti within : More importantly, we can light a lamp in front of an energy form, deity or anything or anybody we hold as the highest or chant a mantra or hymn and just be in the reverberation. 

With an interplay of seasonal changes, waves of devotion, flowing of life through artistic expression and cleansing of body-mind-energy through rituals and dietary changes, we can still celebrate the spirit of spring. There may be a limit to an outward expression but we can still make the limited a joyous occasion.

This is the time to invoke the Shakti within us and nurture what is feminine so that we can restore the balance which is most required during these times.

Stay home! Stay Safe! 

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