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Reminiscing about Pandit Jasraj’s ‘Mata Kalika’

Paying our tribute to Sangeet Samrat, late Pandit Jasraj who will always be known for taking classical Indian music to the masses.

Amongst his devotional offerings, his rendition of the musical composition ‘Mata Kalika’ was one of the most popular ode to the Divine Mother. ‘Mata Kalika’ was written by Maharaj Jaywant Singh Waghela of Sanand, the spiritual guru of Pandit Jasraj and composed by his elder brother and music guru, Pandit Maniram.

It is said that once Pandit Maniram lost his voice and was unable to sing. No medical treatment could help him to regain his voice. Maharaj Jaywant Singh then suggested him to sing in front of the Devi temple of Sanand. Oh his behest trying to sing, Pandit Maniram miraculously retrieved his voice. To express his gratitude to the Divine Mother, Pandit Maniram composed ‘Mata Kalika’. This incident left a lasting impact on Pandit Jasraj and he veered towards devotional music from then on.

I can’t distinguish between Music and God and Kali and Krishna, it is the same. Music is Kali, Music is Krishna, Music is God – Pandit Jasraj

Pandit Jasraj’s voice had so much emotive appeal that it could sweep even the lay listeners off their feet! Music was his means to communicate with the Divine and it is the Divine that sang through him.

Here is the latest rendition of ‘Mata Kalika’ by Pandit Jasraj along with his foremost disciples, Tripti Mukherjee

This song happens to be one of our favourite in the Adishakti playlist! Which tune or song of the Divine Feminine do you like to listen to? Share with us!

Cover image – Art ( Kala) by Guru Charan

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