A full-fledged human being (whether a Man or Woman) will have both Masculine and Feminine in harmony. This has been represented in various cultures as Ying & Yang, Ida & Pingala, Sun & Moon, etc. In contemporary living with endless materialist pursuit the Masculine gets enhanced & the Feminine is suppressed. To bring about a balance, we need to invoke the Divine Feminine in each one of us and move closer towards what we are meant to be.The primordial source of all energy that creates and sustains is the Divine Feminine, Adishakti, the Devi. From survival to the subtle is the journey that drives and inspires, seeking to traverse across the boundaries – of the known to the unknown, expression of the creative aspect that manifests through art, music, dance and poetry, understanding and rediscovering paths to a holistic wellness through alternative medicine and therapy, diving deep into a plethora of stories and legends, consecrated spaces, experiences and travels that celebrates the Divine Feminine. This also seeks to bridge the gap existing in the ancient and traditional systems of knowledge pertaining to both the spiritual and wellness aspects of life together and nourish the feminine because what is subtle must not be ignored, never forgotten.