Adishakti is a medium to explore, engage and experience ways to connect with the feminine within and around us in all its essence. We envision to create and curate a nourishing environment for people from all walks of life, to express and share their skills, talents and expertise on various aspects of wellbeing, creative practices and artistic expression. It is also a space to share stories, traditions and experiences of journey to sacred and highly energised spaces that celebrate the divine feminine.

This is an endeavour to help people further their journey of self- discovery :

  • Explore holistic healthcare methods and improve lifestyle – Svasth
  • Discover and engage in one’s creative side – Kala
  • Embark on journey to sacred spaces – Yatra
  • Relive stories of devotion and inspiration – Gaatha
  • Learn yoga, meditation and simple self care practices – Yog
  • Inspire and be inspired by the feminine aspects of living – Prerna

We live in times, where we often ignore or lose connection with the feminine aspect within us. We enrich our outer lives but forget about the need to nurture our inner self. Now is the time to bring balance and harmony in our lives by allowing our own unique feminine essence to radiate through us.