Thank you Mother

Often as children our emotions and feelings go unexpressed for our mothers who relentlessly work towards our wellbeing despite our behaviour. Here a few words penned by a daughter to her mother wishing her on a ordinary day.

Delicate within and strong outside
Like the gentle breeze
on a cloudy day….
protecting her loved ones
Strong within and delicate outside
Like a soft petal…
enclosing a strong bud
embracing her little ones
She loses herself entirely
On the day when they are born
For whom she looks out for
Every day and night
Time unknown to her
As she raised them up
Amidst chaos and chores
Their cries and pranks
Until they turned so big
Big enough to let her go
Into their own world
Yet she looks out every time
Silently and quietly from far
Wherever they go
Only to stand behind always
Being there if they ever fall
Engulfed in her arms when they were born
They grew and rose as her beautiful charms
Often misunderstood and waiting to be understood
She’s one to take it all when anything strikes
Yet she relentlessly keeps her arms open
Waiting for just a call or a shout “Mummy”
Her walls shatter on those few words
For all that she needs,
To love and to be loved.
Mother can never be understood
Mother can never be described
For she is beyond what a child sees
For she is a warrior and an angel
Who embraces its all
Love, hate, anger and what not all
As she knows nothing at all
Than just being a mother
Thanks for being a mother “Aai” Ämma” “Mom “Mummy “Maa

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